A custom home should be timeless: in its beauty, its character, and its craftsmanship. At David C. Bos Homes, our mission has always been to provide our clients with homes where they can “live beautifully.”


David C. Bos Homes have been building superior homes with creativity, meticulous detail, and outstanding craftsmanship since 1973. Our is a family business; owned and operated by the Bos family for three generations. At David C. Bos Homes, we have not only mastered the fine art of custom home building, we’re sustaining it for generations to come.


Like fine wines, custom homes from David C. Bos Homes have only improved with time. Every home that we build benefits from more than three decades of refinement in technology, sustainability, craftsmanship, and design. The homes we build blend the classic, timeless elements of yesterday with the  necessities — and all of the luxuries — of today.


Here in Michigan, we have an ever-changing environment to build in, to live in, and to protect. We are  committed to continuously refining our practices in building, design, sustainability and environmental stewardship. David C. Bos homes will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and those of   homebuilding industry. We will deliver homes that “Live Beautifully” for years and generations to come.

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