Security Features to Consider when Building a New Home

Home Security Features

When building a new home there are many opportunities available to make your home safer. As your plans for building your new home keep developing, it is important to consider some of these opportunities. Here are a few suggestions of different security features that can be installed during your new home construction.

  • Install an alarm system

Having an alarm system installed during the building process is much easier than trying to retrofit one after construction is complete. Alarm systems can keep your home safe during construction as well as during the move in process when you may not be staying at your new home full time yet. You can also consider some additional features like video cameras and smartphone integration for additional security. Also, be sure to advertise your alarm system with signs or window stickers. This alone can be a big deterrent for burglars.

  • Place motion activated and timed lighting

Having a motion activated lighting system on the outside of your house is another great way to keep your new house safe.  Timed lights, which are typically inside your home, turn on and off at times that your program into the system.  Both of these features are especially useful when you and your family are away from home traveling or on vacation by giving the illusion that someone is home and has just turned the lights on.

  • Choose stronger doors

To ensure that a would-be burglar won’t want to waste his time trying to get in the front door, be sure to do two main things. One, choose a solid door that cannot easily be kicked in. Second, choose some heavy duty locks, such as deadbolts, to go along with the locks that already come equipped on the door handle.