Key Features for Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor Features

The outdoor living area of your home is just as important to customize to your lifestyle as the inside. Most people use this space frequently throughout the year to entertain guests, eat meals, or just simply to spend some time outdoors and relax. Here are some key features that we would recommend you consider adding when designing your outdoor living area.

-Seating area

This is one of the easiest things to add to your outdoor space. As long as you have a patio or deck designed for your home the only other step you need to do is pick some outdoor furniture that you like and will compliment your home. Besides the traditional furniture like table and chairs you can also add couches, lounge chairs, and umbrellas.Extra chairs and a larger table are a good idea if you intend to entertain guests often.


The landscaping of your outdoor living area is similar to decorating the inside of your home. You want to make sure that everything works together and compliments each other. Maintenance is also important to remember when it comes to landscaping to ensure your living space stays looking great. Maintenance can include watering, weeding, and trimming certain plants.

-Cooking space

A good cooking area and a nice grill in your outdoor living area is great for cooking meals for your family or even cooking food when you hosting a party. Cooking areas can start out simple with a nice grill or can be fulling integrated into your patio with with a serving area and storage built in.

-Water Source

A well designed and integrated water feature can help transform your patio to a tranquil outdoor living area. There are many types of water features that can be utilized in the design of your home. Things like a simple fountain all the way to a pond with a waterfall that may even have fish in it.

-Fire Feature

There are many options for different types of fire sources as well, from a traditional in ground fire pit, a stand alone fire pit, or even one that uses propane or natural gas instead of wood. A fire pit is a great feature that will allow you to continue to use your outdoor space even when the nights start to get cooler as the summer comes to an end.

Be sure to discuss with your home builder or architect which features will work best for you and your home.