Benefits of Living near Lake Michigan

David C Bos Lakeshore Home

Do you love relaxing on the beach? Or spending your mornings kayaking along the Lake Michigan shoreline? Maybe fishing with a warm afternoon breeze is more your thing. Whichever you prefer, there are many benefits to living on the lakefront. It offers the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

You can’t talk about the benefits of Lake Michigan living without first bringing up the breathtaking views! The Lake Michigan shoreline has been regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world with its sandy dunes and deep blue water. It’s easy to find yourself in a state of tranquility while the sun sets over the horizon and the fresh breeze blows over the water.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the activities available to you while living on Lake Michigan go far beyond jumping into the water whenever you’d like. By living only steps away from the shore, there are many reasons to get outside. Fishing, sailing, and kayaking offer great opportunities to find yourself out on the water.

Living on the water can also benefit your health in many ways. Water has a very calming effect that can help de-stress and recharge you. Spending more time outside by the water and in the sun can boost your immune system and increase your endorphins to help you relax. And have you ever noticed that you sleep better when you are by the water? The sound of the waves can actually change the wave patterns in your brain, lulling you to a better sleep.

With the beauty, activities, and health benefits of Lake Michigan living, it would be hard to ever call another place home. Like Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Water is the driving force in nature.” So jump in the water, soak up the sun, and enjoy everything nature has to offer you on Lake Michigan.

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