Renovation Checklist

1. Register your new appliances

What good is a warranty if it isn’t registered? Send in those warranty cards to ensure you have a solid back up plan in case the beloved dishwasher decides it doesn’t want to run anymore (gasp!)

2. Update homeowner’s insurance

After any major renovation, you should always update your homeowner’s insurance policy to protect you and your home. The same applies for any major purchases you make for your home. Careful record keeping is the key to protection!

3. Open closets, doors and drawers

Make sure all closets, doors and drawers open smoothly and how you planned. Check handles, knobs, hinges and other hardware for loose assembly or squeaks. This simple fix could end up saving you a headache later on.

4. Learn proper maintenance

First time owning a trash compactor? Make sure you check the manual and talk with your contractor about how the appliance runs. Also, look into cleaning suggestions and maintenance requirements. Manufacturers make appliances differently and they may not function the same as the old appliances you’re used to.

5. Keep extra material

Don’t throw out that extra paint, wood stain, grout, and extra tiles! It could pose a significant problem if you ever need to repair or replace them. You would hate to find out down the road you forgot the exact paint color you used or that they no longer carry the tile that you picked out earlier!

6. Save paint colors

Keep a journal of the paint colors used throughout your home. It could come in handy later when you are picking out decorations to match a certain room. Consider keeping the paint swatch or make an online document with links to each specific color. Remember to keep a small amount of leftover paint to retouch any chips or scratches that will inevitably occur throughout the years.

7. Take care of legal work right away

Sign and file all necessary paperwork and building permits on time and before the renovation process begins. Failing to do so could potentially land you in some hot water with your city. Always double check that the proper paperwork was received and approved.

8. Keep a file of the renovation documents and details

Keep the receipts, contact information, and plans to document each home renovation project. You can tuck it away, but remember to keep it easily accessible – it’s the perfect starting point to reference when moving on to your next renovation project.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and take time to enjoy your newly renovated space! If you’re interested in an addition or renovation to your home, be sure to stop by our renovations page for more details!