Fireplace Facelift

Although a beautiful fireplace in your home should be the focal point of the room, often times it can be lost in its surroundings. Here are a couple of simple upgrades to help make your fireplace stand out.

Add a fresh coat of paint
To really make your fireplace pop, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. If the facing or surround is brick, wood, or any paintable surface, this upgrade is fast and easy. A good rule of thumb is to pick a color that will contrast with the wall color of the room.

Install a new mantel
Rehabbing an existing mantle or installing something new doesn’t have to be a headache. You could have a custom mantel made, install a floating shelf, or even find an old ceiling beam to add above the fireplace. A new mantel will update the look and provide space for decorations.

Wood to gas conversion
Do you love your wood-burning fireplace but hate the hassle and mess? You can now convert your wood fireplace to gas with conversion kits, a vent-free gas fireplace, or a gas fireplace insert. The right option can vary based on your home, but none involve structural changes.

Open it up
Adding a two-sided insert will not only open up the fireplace to the room behind it, but it will enhance the visual appeal of the home, as well! We often see this done with a bedroom fireplace opened up to the bathroom or even an interior fireplace to an outside patio.

Build custom built-in bookshelves
Sometimes we see a fireplace centered on a wall in the room with nothing surrounding it; this wasted space could be very useful with custom built-ins to help bring it to life. Bookshelves can easily be added to either side of a fireplace, but you could also build custom benches or extra storage cabinets, too.

Spotlights for a dramatic look
Adding one or two spotlights on the ceiling of the room can help highlight a fireplace. They not only light up the space, but help direct the eye exactly where you want it to go.

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