Designing a Family-Friendly Living Space

While designing or remodeling your home, it’s important to keep any young family members or guests in mind. Creating a living space that’s both adult and kid-friendly may be tricky, but by incorporating a few simple design elements, the two spaces will merge into a great area that can be enjoyed by all.

Choose proper materials and finishes
It’s not secret that kids can make a mess. When choosing a paint finish, consider an eggshell or semigloss. These finishes are not only great for an interior space, but they are much easier to wipe clean than a surface with a flat finish.

Pick the right flooring
Wood flooring is a popular choice for newer homes and the new hand scraped wood floor trend is the perfect option for a family-friendly space. Hand scraped wood is much more forgiving than a smooth, shiny finish and will not show any dents and scratches that may occur over time. Not planning to replace your flooring? Using area rugs throughout the space can protect wood floors just as well.

Use the zoning system
Carving out specific zones for kids and adults in shared spaces will allow the children to do the things they enjoy while still giving the adults a place to relax. Incorporate savvy storage for books, toys and games throughout the space to tuck away when they’re not in use.

Of course there are many other design elements to make your living space more family-friendly, but these are just a few simple options to get you started. If you’re considering building a new home for your family or renovating your existing living space now, please contact David C. Bos homes online or by calling (616) 842-2248. We have an award-winning team of interior designers and architects that can help you create the perfect family-friendly living space.