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David C. Bos Homes has been an award winning leader in sustainable building practices and innovation for over 3 decades. A company founded on values that amplify the importance of environmental stewardship, David C. Bos Homes has designed/built sustainable homes & neighborhoods long before it was a popular practice. Continuing to help raise the bar in the industry for sustainable building will not only continue to be an important responsibility at David C. Bos homes, but a legacy we hope to pass down for generations to come.

What Makes Our Homes Sustainable/Green?

  • Global Impact
  • Site Design, preparation and development
  • Resource efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor/outdoor water use
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Operation, maintenance and care

Why Build A Green/Sustainable home?

  • Lower operating costs – Green built homes are up to 35% more efficient
  • Reduce maintenance issues
  • Increase home value
  • Improve environmental quality
  • A Green Built home is more energy efficient, safer, healthier, and friendlier to the environment than other homes.



18252 Lost Creek Lane –> Link to listing
17772 Water Chase Trail –> Link to listing

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