Building Your Home

The magic begins here. In six principles that guide you.

1 | Find the perfect seat.

Whether it’s in one of our existing communities, on property you already own, or on land you’re interested in buying, we take a long, hard look at the site for your home. We’ll discuss a wealth of details, including:

  • Size and configuration
  • Typography and tree cover
  • How the natural lights falls
  • Dozens of other critical features

2 | Understand your lifestyle and life stage.

To us, your lifestyle is your value system reflected in your everyday life patterns. Our goal: create living spaces that enhance how you want to live and use your home. We take time to learn what is working and what is not working in your current home. We also spend time discussing your future. We make sure you can live beautifully at every stage, in every space.

3 | Be clear on costs and budget.

Simply put, we educate you on what you’re purchasing so you understand and control the budget and get exactly what you want. And we communicate at every stage in the process.

4 | Make a statement, with architectural integrity.

Once completed, yours will be a home of timeless beauty, a home where classic detailing is carefully and thoughtfully applied––not merely decorated. Your David C. Bos Home will be a living space that lives large while feeling intimate. It will be a personal space, an exclusive place, that enables beautiful living.

5 | Maintain the highest standards. By putting you first.

Through more than 40 years of designing and building custom homes, we know some components of quality are subjective; they must be seen, touched and felt to be appreciated. We not only maintain the highest standards of quality and sustainability, we always let you decide the details that should be included in your David C. Bos home.

6 | Maximize your resale and investment.

Your David C. Bos home is built to capture your way of living. But it’s also built with an eye on your investment. We make it our mission to create a home that balances your needs and dreams while maintaining its broad market appeal.

  • Contract Signing
  • Permits & Approvals
  • Excavation
  • Framing
  • Mechanicals & Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Interior Finish
  • Checklist
  • Final Walk-Through
  • Key & Move-In

It’s a process that doesn’t feel like one.

How long will it take.

  • Planning and design: 5 weeks to 8 weeks
  • Construction: 6 months to 10 months, after permit

How can we ensure our Clients an exceptional experience?

This is the question that continually drives our homebuilding process. Whether you choose a completely custom home or a pre-designed plan, we strive to make the process exciting for you. A client relations specialist will guide you through each phase, with an interior designer, at your side, to help with color and material selections. We want to provide such a delightful experience that you not only enjoy it, but would gladly repeat it.

This is where it all begins.

Take the first step in building your custom home.

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