“David C. Bos Homes Exclusive” Series: Architectural Ceilings

Often referred to as the fifth wall, the ceiling of your home is an area many people overlook when building or renovating. An architectural ceiling, however, can have a huge impact on the overall mood of a room, and will indisputably add a touch of class to your home. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite ceilings from our custom built homes to give you an idea of just what an architectural ceiling can do for a home.

An elegantly curved, planked-wood ceiling adds warmth and sunlight to this South Haven Custom Home, while hidden lighting adds drama and dimension to the space. The painted beams match the welcoming wall color, bringing the high ceilings down for a cozier feel.

Bright white wooden planks enhance the light and airy cottage style of this Grand Haven Beach House. The glossy finish of the ceiling reflects sunlight, emphasizing the room’s natural lighting.

Ceilings don’t always have to be white. In fact, choosing a ceiling color close to the color of your walls is a less abrupt change for the eye. The blue painted ceiling of this home creates a soothing effect, and the color makes the unique architecture of the room less startling.

The two-story dome ceiling of this house functions similarly to a vaulted ceiling by adding more space, and the all-white finish gives a polished but bright feel. The artistic chandelier adds a touch of elegance, while hidden architectural lights add dimension to this stately ceiling.

The vaulted ceiling of this Boardwalk Community Home makes the living room seem larger and more spacious, while the exposed beams add depth and visual interest.