Top 5 Biggest Renovation Mistakes

At David C. Bos Homes, not only do we specialize in custom homes, but we also offer home renovation and remodeling, specializing in projects of all sizes.  Whether you are looking to completely renovate your home, get that custom kitchen you’ve always wanted, finish a lower level, or just add a three seasons room, our specialized renovations team will exceed your expectations. Here are some common mistakes that are made when renovations are not planned and executed properly.

  1. Underestimating the Cost

Any construction project should not have an open ended budget. Be sure that before your renovation project begins that there is set budget and a list of what that budget includes. Our on staff architects and designers will ensure that the vision for your new room or house will come to life while staying within your budget.

  1. Not Going ‘Green’

A common misconception about using green and recycled materials is that they significantly increase the overall price of the project. In reality, using green material is ahead of most of the rest of the market and in the end can help save money due to its sustainability and energy saving ability.

  1. Ignoring your Homes Style

It is important when remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or other section of your home, that it doesn’t look completely different that the style the rest of your home has. Be sure to have an experienced designer working with you to help flawlessly integrate your remodeled room with the rest of your existing home.

  1. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Don’t forget that proper maintenance and annual upkeep will ensure your project lasts through the life of your home., Make sure the home is painted as needed, clean the gutters to protect from water damage to the exterior, trim shrubs and check for termites and other pests regularly. And don’t forget to keep track of annual checkups to make sure none are missed.

  1. Assuming it is Cheaper to do it yourself

Some might assume that a DIY project will save you money on a renovation or remodeling project. You may be surprised. A contractor can save you money in numerous ways. Being in the industry, a contractor can typically get supplies at a significant discount than the average person. These saving are typically passed along and you are still getting the materials cheaper than you would yourself. If you do not have the proper tools for you project you may be wasting money going out to purchase them when a contractor will already have all of the tools needed to complete the project. Having the proper permits is essential when participating in a construction project. A contractor will ensure all the proper permits are acquired before construction begins, helping to avoid unnecessary fines.

If you are interested in a home renovation or remodel, don’t hesitate to contact David C. Bos Homes to talk with one of our renovation specialists today. Call us at 616-842-2248.