5 Tips for Remodeling your Kitchen

Grand Haven Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is more than just painting, some new cabinets, and updating appliances. Proper design of your new kitchen is important to ensure function and comfort. Our in house designers and remodeling team will work with you to make sure that your new kitchen fits the needs of your and your family. Here are a few tips on what to look for when considering the design of your kitchen.

  • Utilize your space

    • To make sure your new appliances and cabinets can function without any interruption, it is important to consider where they are located. Keeping appliances out of corners will make sure they are fully usable and also save wasted space from having to position them awkwardly to be able to be used.

    • Make sure that when installing cabinets and drawers that they will be able to open fully without hitting another door or handle.

  • Organize your range

    • If you spend most of your time cooking, the range is one of your favorite places in the house. Be sure the items you use most are organized and easily accessible. Have a small shelf and/or some hangers installed above your range and have your favorite cooking oils or your trusty spatula easily within arms reach.

  • Consider¬†counter-tops

    • The counter-tops in your kitchen have endless possibilities of color and material options. Be sure to work with the rest of the kitchens design to choose the best color and material for your needs. Granite counter-tops are one of the more popular options today for easy cleanup and stunning looks.

    • Again, if you spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking, consider adding some more counter space to accommodate your needs. especially between the sink and the range, which is the ideal cooking location.

  • Optimal Outlets

    • When remodeling your kitchen, be sure to get everything you will use installed so it doesn’t have to be redone later. This includes making sure there are enough power outlets around the back splash so you can run all of your counter-top appliances.

  • Color

    • You can really enhance the look of your kitchen by using bright, vibrant colors.. Dark colors can typically make your kitchen look smaller

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