Lighting Your Dream Home

The lighting you choose for your dream home can have a huge effect on the overall mood and design elements. The right lighting can make you feel comfortable and relaxed or give you a boost of energy to finish that task you’ve been putting off. No matter what mood you are trying to set in your home, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when choosing lighting fixtures:

Having a variety of lighting types in a single room can help give it the perfect feel. One way to accomplish this is to have lights at varied heights and locations. Varied lighting can also prevent lighting fatigue or strained eyes caused by imbalanced lighting.

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork or custom furniture that you would like to highlight? Spotlighting these design elements will not only help them stand out, but also add more visual interest to a room.

Directed lighting
Directed lighting is slightly different from spotlighting. A great example where direct lighting would be most beneficial is in the kitchen. A ceiling mounted fixture may cast a shadow on your task area whereas focused lighting will shine directly on your working counter space. You can accomplish this with track or under cabinet lighting fixtures.

Dimmers are a great way to adjust the light output in the room based on the occasion or task. When shopping for light fixtures, be sure to check if the light says it is dimmable. Another easy way to accomplish this lighting effect is by using a 3-way lamp with various light settings.

Exterior lighting
Don’t forget outside! Proper lighting is key for both style and security. Consider mounting exterior wall sconces on either side of your garage and a ceiling mounted light above the front door. Uplighting on your architectural elements can also create a dramatic effect.

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